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Since 1926.






Nearly a century of local produce excellence

The Genzale family built a Puget Sound-area produce legacy that began around 1926. Frank “Cheech” Genzale, who emigrated from Avellino, Italy, sold onions, carrots, peas, and other items that he and his wife Angelina, grew on their small plot of land in what became Burien (Sunnydale). As their son, Tony, and their grandsons, Tony Jr. and Frank, grew up, they continued to sell their family’s produce at the Market. 


By the 1990s, the Genzales discontinued farming to focus on sourcing from other area family farms, and Frank’s Quality Produce continued to flourish.



Passionate about the family business, Frank Jr. expanded sales by teaming up with one of his delivery drivers to directly distribute farm-fresh produce to area restaurants. By providing first-to-market seasonal items, specialty produce (such as choice mushrooms, herbs, microgreens) and the service flexibility to take on smaller orders with frequent deliveries, Frank’s Quality Produce has become the go-to for some of Greater Seattle’s most compelling chefs and their restaurants.



The Genzales are thankful for the tradition that their parents and grandparents began nearly a century ago, and they look forward to the evolution of Frank’s Quality Produce for their future generations.


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“It’s a lot of hard work and long hours, but it is very gratifying. There’s nothing like seeing something succeed and knowing that you’re responsible for it.”

Frank Genzale, Jr.

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